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Primal Hordes,
born of the Deep Places

The Beastmen are mutant beings, appearing part human and part wild animal. They form great marauding tribes of many hideous species, from the Capra goatmen to minotaur Aurox, to the giant and one-eyed Cyrox, and many more hideous kinds.

This bipedal menagerie comes from the deep places, clad in jagged plate armour, carrying brutal and cruel blades. Descending in a rabid frenzy, their desire is only to see the realms of Man fall, and for their primordial nature-gods to gain primacy once again. Recent reports have come to the Sunlit Citadel, detailing an uncontrollable swelling of the Beastfolk ranks, and hint at horrendous monstrosities that have joined the Capra in arms, under the banner of new, mysterious, leadership....

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Broken Natural Order

The Capra are generally regarded as the physically weaker cousins to their Aurox counterparts. Yet, what these devious creatures lack in strength, they gain in overwhelming numbers, nimbleness, and moral depravity. Their tribal societies constantly bicker and war with each other, vying for power and control over the hordes.

The Capra’s negative tendencies were once kept in check by dominant Aurox chieftains who were able to control their ranks through their strength and natural wisdom gained through their long lifespans.

However, in recent years, the Aurox numbers have waned, and many Capra shamans and warlords have usurped power once beyond their grasp. Lately, the goat-like creatures have laid siege upon the great Northern city of Stürmenburg, coming up with devious ploys and unexpected strategies, far outside their normal capacity for intelligence...

Masters of the Herd
Champions of the Aurox
Capra Hordes
Aurox Infantry
Cloven Giants