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Resurrected by Hate

A broken castle in the mountains, an embittered Lord, and a vast revenant army of dog-legged soldiers and risen armour. Calden Keep is a blighted place, and the dark magic which animates it beyond mortal understanding.​

Ruled by the beastly Lord Aethelric the Undying, who was promised unequalled power and eternal life, so that he might rule his lands forever. However, his final obligation to the dark entity which offered this prize was too much for Aethelric to bear, and so, he and his lands were forever cursed.

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The Old Keep


A few days march from Verden, on the western edge of the Empire lies a great Fastness, Calden. The folk who lived there are long dead and forgotten. For generations, all that was known to remain were slowly crumbling gravestones and a lingering atmosphere of bitterness and rage that discouraged settlement by those who were not deterred by the western forest's other myriad threats.​

This ruined place had once been a valorous feudal court of knights and lords. Although as is the wont of the dark that resides in all men's hearts, what began as chivalric virtue was warped into an arrogant, isolationist pridefulness.​

As their sense of superiority grew, so too did their levies and brutalities on their subjects. The peasant folk of the region rose up in revolt and struck down their once-protectors. Their remains and the burial sites of their ancestors were desecrated, ensuring that the fallen warriors would never enjoy the peace of the grave.

Rumours of great, armoured monstrosities have arisen in recent times. Something has begun to stir in this lost Kingdom, and woe betide any who stand in its way. 


The Dark Lord

The Lord's Inner Circle

Risen Revenants

The Torturers Dungeon

Great Entities