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The Silent Emissary

Wordless Speaker

The Silent Emissary is a strange being, an infamous ambassador during the time of the Eternal Legion’s conquest before the rise of the Empire.

For one full day, the Emissary would stand silently outside of the walls, waiting for the gates to be opened unto the Legions so the town could be taken without bloodshed. If the gates remained shut, the Legions would storm the city the next day, slaughtering all behind the walls in an indiscriminate display of brutality.

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Silent Emissary.jpg
Silent Emissary closeup_1.jpg

Lord Magistrae

Ministers of Judgement

Lords Magistrae were once the high judges of the Old Emperor. They were the proverbial iron fists of the Emperor’s will, implementing his rule and ensuring the compliance and subservience

of the burgeoning Empire.

Now under the banners of the Eternal Legion, these risen judges have become something sinister and twisted, using their arcane gifts to establish a new order, reshaping the world to

the will of the Eternal Mother.

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Lord Magistrae.jpg
Lord Magistrae closeup_1.jpg
Lord Magistrae.png


A Pitiful and Broken Thing

Most people that live in Doaden would be considered unfortunate by any standard. However, there are some far worse than other, and especially those strange populations that make their home within the Ashen Wastes beyond the walls of the Black Fortress.


These communities have for one reason or another, decided to inhabit the strange lands, their bodies becoming saturated with arcane fallout, and over many generations, slowly changing into malformed and strange things.

Dregger closeup_1.jpg
Dregger - little broken creature.jpg
Dregger - little broken creature_1.jpg
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