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Welcome to the Bestiarum

Welcome, to the grim and dark nightmares of Bestiarum!

We are a design studio specializing in Dark Fantasy Miniatures and Tabletop RPG Adventures.

Each month, our subscribers receive a host of high-quality, dark fantasy, 32mm miniatures carefully designed and tested for resin printing.


High Quality, Print Ready Miniatures

Our miniatures are optimised for 3D printing, and with a properly calibrated machine, are ready to slice

Bestiarum Games has been a part of the 3D Printing Community for a long time, and our team knows what's needed to create the perfect print-ready miniature. Alongside our Pre-Support Technician Partners, Atlas 3DS, we offer some of the most convenient and simple to print 3D models on the market, without sacrificing our commitment to creating the most highly detailed, and complex sculptures in the space.

No Printer? No Problem!

We recognise that not everyone has access to their own Resin Printer at home, not to worry, you can still get ahold of our miniatures thanks to our Print-on-Demand Partner, Only Games!

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