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Siege Breakers

Skeletal Colossi

Siege Breakers are monstrous constructs, formed through the melding of vast troves of bones dug up by strange harvesting combines that trawl through the dust of the Ashen Wastes. These giants are shaped and reshaped, forged by a dozen Ossificators and carefully constructed to be nearly impervious to damage.


When they arrive on the battlefield, they obliterate foes with powerful blows, and smash through stone and steel structures with ease, allowing the legions to spill in and overtake any defended position.



Risen Construct

Amalgamations are, like their lesser cousins the Malformed Constructs, the results of mishaps during Legion creation rituals. But, unlike their counterparts, the design of the Amalgamation seems intentional, a purposeful molding of various skeletal structures to create a complex weapon. These hulking constructs carry great armaments that would otherwise take four men to lift, making them difficult to approach and attack. Yet they are as awkward as they are clumsy, shambling mounds of bone and metal with little coherence in their movements.

Amalgamation closeup_1.jpg
Amalgamation closeup_2.jpg


Vulturine Harriers

Hellions are the one of the most viscous and cruel of the Legion constructs, a melding of bones in the shape of a predatory avian beast. They have been given prehensile claws to grip powerful weapons, wings to fly, and animus with the intention only to main, kill, and shred apart anything that lives and breathes. These terrifying constructs stalk the ridged cliffs and mountainous passes of the Ashen Wastes, ambushing prey, and wreaking havoc on Penitent Crusade caravans.

Hellion_3-1 closeup.jpg
Hellion_1-1 closeup_2.jpg

Skeleton Ball

Spheroid Terror

Skeleton Balls are massive clusters of animated skeletons, held together by magic and physical momentum. This hive-mind of corpses rolls about, the skeletons on top reaching their bony hands out and altering the direction of the ball while those on the bottom are crushed into dust.


Any unfortunate creature that is too slow to escape such an odd hazard is obliterated under the weight of the cackling phenomenon.

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