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Crimson Grove & Allstein

A Double Release monthly!


COllection i:
Crimson Grove Part Two

Storyshot Grove.jpg


The fanatical disciples of the Crimson Abbey are bound by the consumption of a sinister crimson fruit, having become something more than human and at the same time, something less...


Their forms and minds are twisted into grotesque parodies of their former selves. Churches and sacred places, once beacons of hope and light, are tainted by this perverse congregation and their fervent worship and maddening obsession.


COllection Ii:
Return to Allstein



​Amidst the crumbling spires and decaying grandeur of Allstein, the City in the Clouds, lies a testament to ambition turned to avarice, progress to downfall. Suspended in the heavens by the forgotten arts of alchemy, these once-majestic towers now stand as eroding monuments to a fallen era.


The thin air is choked with toxic fumes and poisonous gases, while the metal alleyways are marred by a constant rain of toxic effluvia. Awakened men of metal roam these corridors with deadly intent, guarding the secrets and sins of a civilization that flew too close to the sun, while venture crews delve ever deeper into forbidden places, bypassing traps and hidden hazards in their endless attempts to recover the knowledge and power of the past. 




Shackled to the Church's will, sent to the most dangerous and unsavory of missions.

These are the Penitents,

each more unique and varied than the last.


From Stalwart Warriors to Bestial Rogues and Insane Wizards, there are a host of unique characters to choose from.