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the Place is Cursed

The Beastmen are mutant beings, appearing part human and part wild animal. They form great marauding tribes of many hideous species, from the Capra goatmen to minotaur Aurox, to the giant and one-eyed Cyrox, and many more hideous kinds.

This bipedal menagerie comes from the deep places, clad in jagged plate armour, carrying brutal and cruel blades. Descending in a rabid frenzy, their desire is only to see the realms of Man fall, and for their primordial nature-gods to gain primacy once again. Recent reports have come to the Sunlit Citadel, detailing an uncontrollable swelling of the Beastfolk ranks, and hint at horrendous monstrosities that have joined the Capra in arms, under the banner of new, mysterious, leadership....

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Foetid Swamps

The Deadmire is a marshland that crosses the Western Reaches, making it difficult to travel from the north of the region to the south.

The peaty bogs here are clogged with cadavers, nameless masses of soldiers and serfs, victims to the wars of ancient kings that quarreled with one another unceasingly in the days of yore.

Their reanimated corpses roam through flooded farmsteads and ruins of ancient battlefields, seeking to pull them down to drown amidst the fetid pools and strangling reeds.​

The Restless are a common sight in the Deadmire. Unlucky civilians that were slaughtered at the whims of one lord or another, their bodies were casually discarded on the ground or left to hang on trees by the hundred. Now, these soulless husks know no rest. They are driven by insatiable hunger to feed on the flesh of the living, in a futile attempt to feed their hollow souls.

The Dread Necromancer


Rotting Abominations

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The nature of the Deadwalkers is catalogued in much greater detail in the Faction Lore PDF, check the links below to learn more of these undead terrors!

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Shackled to the Church's will, cast out on the most dangerous and unsavoury of missions.


Painted Gallery

RPG Module

The foul swamps of Deadmire are the focus of the RPG Module - The Dreadlights, with the Adventure (hopefully!) ending at the gates of the Black Fortress, this Adventure makes a perfect lead-in to the events of the two Eternal Legions Modules. Our RPG Modules are designed for 5E and Forbidden Psalm, each includes a Digital PDF alongside a set of high resolution maps of key locations in each adventure.

The Dreadlights

The party is on a mission for the secret order known as the Templar Rangers. They must escort Lunden, a genius engineer, through the Deadmire and to the Black Fortress, a stronghold of the Penitent Crusade. Lunden drives a strange, horseless carriage called the Blasten-Vagen, a metal machine that eats coal and breathes fire.

Will you cross these lands with your soul intact? Just remember…don’t look into the lights.


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