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They Return again,
as Harbingers of Death

A vast undead host, swollen with the arcane energies of a past cataclysm, they march endlessly across the Ashen Wastes. Though skeletal and calcified, these Warriors have lost none of the martial prowess they possessed in life. The Eternal Legions were once the Emperor's own army. In a bygone age, they conquered the entirety of Doaden in their Master's name. Now they return again, as Harbingers of Death.

The Ashen Wastes

Home of the Eternal Legions, the Ashen Wastes were once the fertile heart of the Empire. But now, they are a sterile desert marred by the skeletal remains of the past. A million souls perished here, incinerated by the cataclysmic weapon known as the Demoncore.  


This blighted land is the epicenter of Doaden’s suffering. From these lands, corruption spills, the creeping malignancy, the blighted earth, the darkened skies, the festering scar, the unhealing wound that eats away at those left behind.

To stem the terrors of the Wastes, the Penitent Crusade mans the Black Fortress. This fortress spans the length of the border between the Western Reaches and the Ashen Wastes, keeping the evils of the Wastes at bay. Yet it is only a matter of time before the Black Fortress falls and when the day comes, there will be nothing left to stop the apocalypse.

Legion Masters

Elite Commanders

Skeletal Soldiers

Risen Constructs