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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Never heard of 3D printing before?

  • Don't know your Tribes from your Patreons?

  • Want to get ahold of some awesome grimdark miniatures, but 3D Printing is basically Dark Magic to you?

Not to worry! 

Here's our FAQ, answering some of the common questions folk ask us


Still can't find the answer to your question?

Visit our contact page and talk to us directly!

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  • Should I subscribe on Patreon or Tribes?
    There is no difference in price, or the rewards you receive between both platforms. We make every effort to ensure our Tribes and Patreon supporters receive the same experience. There is one exception here, new subscribers will receive their files QUICKER on Tribes. This is because the file sharing is automatic, while Patreon requires us to manually invite new supporters, which we do every 48 hours.
  • I want a Display Scale Bestiarum Miniature!
    If you’re looking for anything larger than our standard 32mm scale, then we’ve got options for you: Our Official Etsy Store has purchasing options for a variety of scales, from 32mm up to an enormous 125mm scale! If you’re an STL customer, we have a few options for you! Firstly, we have a range of specific 75mm Display Figurines and Busts in the catalogue. In addition, for most models, you can comfortably scale up our presupported STLs by up to 200%, with minimal trouble!
  • What if I don't own a 3D Printer?
    If you don't own a printer, you can purchase physical miniatures from our ETSY STORE. This is a Print-on-Demand service organized in collaboration with our Production Partners Dungeon Artifacts. We offer high-quality prints, worldwide shipping, and Bestiarum Games receives royalties on each sale. This means your custom will be supporting our continued quest to deliver ever more terrifying miniatures, rather than unlicensed resellers and pirates. Other Etsy/Ebay listings: The ONLY official source for purchasing physical miniatures: Bestiarum Games and Dungeon Artifacts Etsy Stores. Any 3rd Party sellers are not authorized by Bestiarum Games and are engaging in piracy. We encourage you email us a link to the offending page/listing at
  • Where do I find Previous Releases?
    To pick up any of our previous Digital Releases, you can visit our MyMiniFactory Store. Our catalogue contains every miniature and RPG Module we've ever released, it's a true treasure-trove of Grimdark Nightmares! Subscribers also receive a discount code for 50% off everything in our catalog. To purchase a Physical Model, you can visit our Etsy Store.
  • How will I receive the files?
    Our file delivery is managed through MyMiniFactory. Depending on your subscription platform, you will receive the files in slightly different ways: TRIBES: Upon subscription the files are automatically added to your own personal library on MyMiniFactory's account. PATREON: Within 48 hours of subscription, you will receive an email from MyMiniFactory, inviting you to add the rewards to your library.
  • How do I Subscribe?
    You can subscribe to Bestiarum Games on Patreon, or Tribes. These are both rolling Monthly Subscription services, from which you can opt-out at any time. Find out more info here:
  • What exactly are you selling?
    Bestiarum Games sells a range of products for every taste: Digital Miniatures, designed for 3D Printing; Physical Miniatures, for those who just want to buy and use them; RPG Adventures, in convenient PDF format; Grimdark Fantasy Experience, priceless 😉 Our core offering is delivered as a Subscription: Each month, we release brand-new collections of Miniatures, and supporting RPG Modules for 5E and Forbidden Psalm. With a stacked Welcome Pack, access to the monthly collection, and a host of benefits, a Subscription is the best value option for anyone looking to dive into the dark World of Doaden.
  • Are your STLs presupported?
    Yes, all of our Miniatures are presupported and Test-Printed in Resin by our Printing Technician partners Atlas 3DS. With a properly calibrated Resin Printer, you can expect perfect results straight out of your preferred slicing software. Bestiarum provides our sculpts in 3 formats: Original STL; Presupported STL; An Editable Presupported LYS file (for Lychee Slicer).
  • What kind of Printer do I need?
    Bestiarum’s sculpts are designed to work with any Resin 3D Printer. ​ If you're looking to purchase a printer, we recommend choosing a machine with a 'Mono' LCD screen, and 4K resolution to achieve the best results. Our miniatures are not optimized for FDM printing, but some of our subscribers have had success printing our sculpts at larger scale in FDM.
  • What are Bestiarum's Official Stores?
    The ONLY official source for purchasing physical miniatures: Bestiarum Games Etsy Store; Dungeon Artifacts Etsy Store. Other Etsy/Ebay listings: Any 3rd Party sellers are NOT authorized by Bestiarum Games and are engaging in piracy. We encourage you email us a link to the offending page/listing at
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