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The Goblin King

Grothak Wyrm’Killa, the goblin king, stands as the pinnacle of goblin brutality and cunning. Guarded at all times by Irn’Hyd, his Bugbear Enforcer, he is a testament to the raw destructive ferocity of the goblin species.

He wields his wicked blades with relentless precision,doggedly pursuing his foes and slashing away untilnothing remains but a gruesome splattering of blood and tangled ribbons of flesh and viscera.

Grothak’s rule is absolute, his authority unquestioned among his kin. Under his command, the goblin horde has become a relentless wave of devastation, feared throughout the scattered kingdoms of goblin kind.


His prowess in battle is legendary, earning him the title Wyrm’Killa after he butchered a dragon in single combat. The sight of Grothak, standing upon the shredded head of his draconic foe must have been a sight to see, enough to instill fear in the hearts of the bravest warriors.

To face the goblin king is to face the culmination of goblin savagery and the embodiment of their relentless desire for domination.

Goblin Raid Leader

The goblin raid leader, known as Gut’Fang amongst his kin, is a formidable presence on the battlefield. His strength and ferocity are matched only by his cunning, making him a lethal adversary and an efficient leader. With two wicked weapons clutched in his claws, he charges fearlessly into battle with a vicious snarl, striking fear into the hearts of his enemies.

Gut’Fang commands the respect of the goblin hordes, leading the raiding parties with brutal
efficiency and ruthless discipline. As the chosen lieutenant of the Goblin King, Gut’Fang’s presence signals an imminent storm of metal and blood, a brutal onslaught that only the bravest dare face.

Goblin Blood Seer

The goblin blood seer, known as Blud’Maw, embodies a savage tribalism and mystical might. His eyes, wild and frenzied, hint at a mind steeped in the chaotic energies of dark magic. His crude bone dagger in one hand, he channels his earthen magics through an assortment of macabre fetishes, including his favorite severed head.

Shadow Stalker

The goblin shadow stalker, known among his tribe as Flesh’Kutta, is a silent death lurking amidst the goblin horde. Wielding a pair of sharp, jagged swords, it attacks with a sudden brutality.


This assassin appear as if from nowhere, its cruel blades flashing in the dim light before retreating back into the shadows, leaving chaos in its wake. The Shadow
Stalker’s presence elevates the goblin threat to a new level, one of not just brute force, but also of calculated, precise lethality.

Goblin Marauders

Goblin marauders are the hardened elite among goblin raiding parties. Armed with jagged swords, these goblins embody a fearsome, all-out aggressive style of combat.


Their raw strength and relentless endurance make them an intimidating presence on the battlefield. With every swing of their weapons, they underline their
position as the more dangerous, more formidable
tier of the goblin ranks.


Goblin strikers are the stealthy counterparts to the grunts in goblin raiding parties. Concealed within the inky shadows, their vigilant eyes ceaselessly watch for the perfect moment to strike. They hurl their javelins with an alarming accuracy from the
pitch-dark concealment of their labyrinthine caves, and from the heavy gloom of moonless nights during their deadly raids.

Goblin Grunts

Goblin grunts are the backbone of their society’s fighting force. Clad in ragged leathers and bone fragments, they wield crude, spiky weapons, and rough-hewn shields.


Despite their seemingly meager equipment, these goblins command respect with their aggressive demeanor and ferocity. They may be the most common fighters within the goblin ranks, but their raw tenacity makes them a force not to be underestimated.

Feral Cave Troll

Cave trolls are feral monsters that dwell within dark tunnels and secluded caves. Their lanky form is deceptive, concealing a raw strength and monstrous resilience. These trolls are grotesque spectacles, their bodies covered in uncontrollable keratinous growths. Clusters of horns sprout chaotically from their bodies, and their nails have grown long, twisted, and dangerously sharp.

The troll’s rapid metabolic function fuels their aberrant growth, a gruesome testament to their
impressive regenerative capabilities. Their wild, animalistic eyes reflect a predatory nature driven by survival and aggression. These beasts are not pawns of the goblins, but primal inhabitants of the caves they’ve claimed, adding another layer of danger to these already perilous territories.

Siege Troll

Siege trolls are horrifying testaments to the goblins’ cunning and brutality. Once wild, these monstrous creatures are captured and tamed by the goblins in a grueling process of subjugation and conditioning. The largest and most formidable trolls are chosen, their massive bodies and relentless strength making them ideal for the goblins’ diabolical purpose.

The goblins construct crude wooden platforms, bristling with sharp spikes, onto the trolls’ backs. These serve as elevated battle stations from which goblin skirmishers can rain down arrows and javelins upon their enemies. The trolls, though tamed, are far from docile, charging into battle with terrifying force. This combination of savage beast
and goblin engineering turns the siege troll into a mobile fortress, a dreadful sight on any battlefield.

The Fungal Hermit

The Fungal Hermit is a strange wizard, his gaunt frame and pallid skin stretched tight over a skeletal figure, his sunken eyes holding a glimmer of eerie intelligence. A scholar of the obscure, his satchels are cluttered with an assortment of arcane scrolls,
alchemical vials, and worn books.

The hermit’s obsession with mycology is peculiar, but it is his interest in a unique fungus, the Cerebrum Cap, that truly sets him apart. This grim flora, known only to thrive within the confines of the human skull, is believed to possess potent
magical properties.


Under his guidance, the cavedwelling goblins have mastered the macabre art of cultivating this morbid crop, half of which he takes as payment, and half of which they use for their own magical rituals.

While his motives remain shrouded in mystery, this hermit poses no direct threat. He merely follows a path dictated by his chilling fascination, his loyalties straying neither towards the goblins nor the humans, but firmly rooted in his pursuit of the sinister
Cerebrum Cap.

Spore Sower

The Spore Sower, known only as Skulk, is a malformed goblin, his body twisted by arduous labors in the fungal fields. His figure is hunched from
the weight of the giant mushroom-filled basket he perpetually bears on his back.

Skulk’s clothing is a patchwork of rags, worn and dirty from countless hours spent amidst the damp darkness of the mushroom farms. Though
his posture might suggest frailty, his eyes - sharp and attentive - tell a different story. Skulk is the right hand of the Fungal Hermit, assisting in
the cultivation of both the common mushroom feedstocks and the chillingly unique Cerebrum Cap.

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