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Fools, Vagabonds and the Mad

Across Doaden, there exist that special kind of folk whose wanderlust, insanity or sheer force of will, give them the strength necessary to strike out alone in the grim world of Doaden.

These are the Lone Heroes, each more unique and varied than the last. From stalwart warriors to bestial rogues and insane wizards, there are a host of unique characters to choose from.


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Painted Gallery

Here's a few of the Lone Heroes printed and painted by Marcus, from our Team (@reliquat28 on IG). Check out the whole gallery!

Join us and grab all this at half price.

The models you see here are all available for purchase as print-ready STLs from our MyMiniFactory store, or as print on Demand via Our subscribers also gain access to 50% discount across our whole digital catalogue, which is the best choice if you're looking to pick up the whole lot of these horrors!

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