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It is a world of Death,
trapped in the fading dusk of a fallen empire

Welcome to Doaden, the dark fantasy setting of tainted lands and twisted monsters.


A land where an ever-creeping affliction corrodes the very essence of existence. It is a world of decay and depravity where once-righteous folk and heroes of the glorious purpose now struggle to survive, as cults and dark gods vie with one another to consume the last vestiges of humanity. 


It is a world of death, trapped in the fading dusk of a fallen empire. 

A Broken Realm

The world of Doaden is ever-expanding, so far, our Adventures have taken place primarily in the so-called Holy Western Empire, seat of the Emperor and home to the Azerai Church.

It is a land of dogma and service, whose denizens live under the yoke of the Azerai Church's demands for absolute productivity and stoicism in the face of the realm's many terrors. 

This is only one corner of the World, what lands are yet be to be discovered are sure to be blighted by their own eldritch concerns.​

Factions and Threats

All manner of horrors exist across Doaden, and no faction without its own share of guilt and blame for the terrible state of this world. The evils that beset the realm are many and varied, seemingly not a lunar month passes without some new and strange evil raising itself from the primordial ooze.

Click the links below to learn more about the warring factions and dark gods that inhabit Doaden.

Lone Heroes

There are still fools who choose to strike out their own destinies in the lands of Doaden. Wanderers, Outcasts, Scholars and all manner of folk whose skills have marked them out as particularly noteworthy, skilled, or tragic. These are the so-called Lone Heroes, and we've built up quite the library of them over the years.

You can check out all the Lone Heroes right here:

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Where to Begin

If you and your gaming group would like to dive into the world of Doaden yourselves, we've got all the tools ready and waiting for you the moment you subscribe on Tribes or Patreon.

Our Subscriber Welcome Pack includes Two Introductory Adventures, Burial Isle, and Rise of the Jailor, which thrust players straight into the action. Charged by their Azerai masters, your group will be sent on the trail of reported cultist activity within the Empire's borders, which leads to the blood of a long dead God and a ritual that could gouge a wound deep in the realm's heart.

Our RPG Modules are designed for 5E and Forbidden Psalm, each includes a Digital PDF alongside a set of high resolution maps of key locations in each adventure.

RPG Modules

The World of Doaden grows ever greater each month, as we reveal more of the evils that inhabit it. Alongside the miniatures, you can forge a destiny of your own in these dark lands with our RPG Modules.​ These modules are designed for 5E and Forbidden Psalm, each includes a Digital PDF alongside a set of high resolution maps of key locations in each adventure.

AW 10.png

Where to Buy

All the models you see here are all available for purchase as print-ready STLs from our MyMiniFactory store, or as print on Demand via Our subscribers also gain access to 50% discount across our whole digital catalogue, which is the best choice if you're looking to pick up the whole lot of these horrors!

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