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For the Fleshspoil


The Man Eater Tribes have been spreading across Doaden since the great cataclysm. The plagues of desperation and hunger that followed the great calamity has led more and more of the common folk to commit the unspeakable act of cannibalism. If these folk are not found quickly and strung from the village gallows, they will soon leave town of their own accord, disappearing in the night never to be seen again...

These pitiful folk are responding to the gut-deep call of the Carniphage, an entity that suffuses the bodies of those who eat their own kind. This foul and primordial being is a parent and lord of all those lost to the flesh hunger. In its service, they partake of ever greater feasts of flesh, and in doing so, are changed forever into twisted new forms.

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The Rivenweald


A great forest that lies near the centre of the Azerian Empire, the Rivenweald is home to all manner of evil creatures, the most feared of which are the Man Eater Tribes. 

A few towns and villages dot the edges of the forest, the blighted place of Verden laying in particular peril, wedged between the Rivenweald and Calden Keep. The City of Guerrin is a few days travel to the East. A crossroads and Nexus, much of the Empire's Trade travels through the city's gates.​

As of late, outlying hamlets and farms have been falling silent. The critical shipments of grain and produce that keep the city of Guerrin fed have begun to dry up, and the people are becoming desperate.​

The cause of these sudden silences is clear to those who know the dark secrets of the region. The Man Eater Tribes are gathering, and as their numbers swell, their hunger grows.

The Carniphage's Chosen
Leaders of the Tribes
Changed by the Hunger
The Man Eater Hordes
The Fleshglutton Giants