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a Thousand Unblinking Eyes


Something sinister lurks below the seaside town of Saltwich. The sky darkens, the sea churns, and ancient Evil stirs beneath the waves.

The N’Gorroth are an underwater species that has existed since long before the dawn of man. Their sprawling cities once covered the depths of Doaden’s deepest oceans, where they constructed grand temples to the Deep Ones, ancient gods of unfathomable power.​

Though little is known of this strange and ancient species, it can be said with certainty that if the day comes when their gods fully awaken, this will certainly spell the end of the world of Doaden.

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Doom under Saltwich


Nestled on the south coastline of the Holy Western Empire, Saltwich is a quiet and unassuming fishing village. Unremarkable in nearly every way to the outside observer.


Saltwich's denizens are an insular folk, wary of outsiders, anyone travelling through this town would do well to listen to their instincts, and take their leave as quickly as they can. The villagers vary in appearance but tend to exhibit physical oddities including baldness, narrow heads, bulging eyes, pale skin, and an intense fishy body odor.


What outsiders fail to understand though, is that these traits are a result of the genetic mixing between humans of the area and the N’Gorroth, a gift from their god many hundreds of generations ago.

As they reach late adulthood, many townsfolk undergo a physical change, metamorphosing into an N’Gorroth hybrid. The process begins with the individual feeling compelled to return to the shores of Saltwich.

Abyssal Priesthood
Folk of Saltwich
Creatures of the Deep

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The strange folk of Saltwich are catalogued in much greater detail in the Faction Lore PDF, check the links below to learn more of these undead terrors!

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Shackled to the Church's will, cast out on the most dangerous and unsavoury of missions.


Painted Gallery

RPG Module

The briny N'Gorroth are the focus of the RPG Module - Doom under Saltwich, the adventure sees the party investigating a missing Azerai priest, whose last sightining was in the strange town of Saltwich.

Our RPG Modules are designed for 5E and Forbidden Psalm, each includes a Digital PDF alongside a set of high resolution maps of key locations in each adventure.

Doom under Saltwich

Something sinister lurks below the seaside town of Saltwich. Laurent Gilmiere, a cleric of the Church of Azerai and arcane researcher, was staying at the local inn while researching a source of powerful magic emanations. The Church has not heard from him in several months and fears the worst.

What happened to Gilmiere, and what disquieting nightmares did he find reflecting in the depths of Saltwich's dark waters? The party will investigate the disappearance, uncovering his strange and maddening tale.


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