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Faith, Fire and Fury

The Penitent Crusade is an iron fist, a standing army used to enforce the faith and laws of the Holy Western Empire. Sinners, criminals, and brigands, their ranks are indoctrinated to walk the Path of Redemption, the central credo of the Crusade.

Marching brazenly into the dark, they purge monsters, demons, and any manner of external threats from the realm. Yet one must be wary, for when rumors of heresy and hidden cults emerge, the eyes of the Church of Azerai soon follow, and the flames of the Emperor’s wrath and judgment are not far behind.

Those in the ranks of the church are wholly overtaken by unquestionable faith, and the need to purge the corruption with the blazing fire of the Emperor. In their midst, these zealots often leave a trail of dead, guilty and innocent alike.

The  Holy Western Empire

The Church of Azerai holds tremendous power over the populace as the only accepted faith in the Holy Western Empire. They act both as a religious and political institution, spreading the faith of the God Emperor, and shaping doctrine and law around his will. Their ultimate goal is adherence to the divine path.

The Church holds that the God Emperor is omniscient and all powerful, and that humanity’s salvation lies only through steadfast loyalty and faith in him and the church. Those who stray from the path or voice doubt of the faith are labeled heretics and sinners, and are brutally punished, subjected to years of indentured servitude, or executed.

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Masters of the Crusade

Zealous Knights

The Irredeemed