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Immortality through Remaking

Fearing the extinction of their race, dark elf cultists, now known as the Remade, turned to the forbidden art of flesh shaping.
The Fleshsmith stitches together the bodies of the fallen, using genetic material from the cave spiders, beasts, and other humanoids to replace any missing limbs or organs. For the Remade, the reshaping process has become a way of achieving immortality, though the side effects that corrode the mind and twist the form are more than most would sacrifice.

Over time, as this process is repeated, the individual loses more and more of themselves, their bodies turning ever more monstrous and their minds becoming crazed. In their twisted form, they are known as the Necro Spiders.

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Subterreanean Nightmare

An infested mine, a dwindling race - the underground home of the remade is a domain of skittering terror.​

The caves that the Remade call home are infested with enormous cave spiders, vicious arachnid predators who would be the apex predators of the tunnels, if not for the unnatural remade.

As the Dark Elves were driven deeper into the tunnels, they grew a symbiotic relationship with the blind and pallid creatures, adopting behaviours first, then their twisted octopedal forms. This relationship soon grew to a mad obsession with the Cave Arachne that first drove the Remade to intermix their genetics. Obsessed with what they perceived as the perfect biological form, they searched for ways to attain their agility and natural toxins.​

Now, the caverns of the Remade are a nightmare of skittering silence and sudden violence. Any foolish enough to brave the tunnels would do well to bring many torches and mind their guard, for there are now worse things than spiders in the caves.

Master Remaker
Dark Elves
Skittering Hordes
The Fleshsmith's Art

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The nature of the Deadwalkers is catalogued in much greater detail in the Faction Lore PDF, check the links below to learn more of these undead terrors!

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Shackled to the Church's will, cast out on the most dangerous and unsavoury of missions.


RPG Module

The skittering hordes of the Remade are the focus of the RPG Module - The Dark Descent, a claustrophobic adventure that will test the mettle of the Adventurers well beyond anything they have experienced before.

Our RPG Modules are designed for 5E and Forbidden Psalm, each includes a Digital PDF alongside a set of high resolution maps of key locations in each adventure.


The Dark Descent

One night, as the party camps in a darkened woodland, they are ambushed by unknown assailants, struck by unseen weapons and lose consciousness. When they wake, the party find themselves in an abandoned mine infested by dark elves and arachnid monsters. They must learn to operate an old platform elevator to escape and return to the open air. But first, they must descend into the lightless depths where unknown horrors lurk.

This module may be used before, after, or even during another adventure, interrupting their journey until they can escape.

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