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Where to Buy

Bestiarum Games' miniatures and adventures are available in a variety of formats. Our core offering is delivered via TRIBES or Patreon subscription. With a stacked welcome pack and access to a full monthly collection, this is the best value option for anyone looking to dive into the world of Doaden.

To pick up any of our previous digital releases, you can visit our MyMiniFactory Store. Our catalogue contains every miniature and RPG Module we've ever released, it's a true treasure-trove of grimdark nightmares! Subscribers also receive a discount code for 50% off everything in our catalog. 

If you don't own a printer, and you're looking for physical miniatures, you can grab them from our official Only Games store. Only Games is a print-on-demand service from the team at MyMiniFactory, which offers high-quality prints, worldwide shipping, and Bestiarum Games receives royalties on each sale. This means your custom will be supporting our continued quest to deliver ever more terrifying miniatures, rather than unlicensed resellers and pirates.


Bestiarum Subscriber Benefits

Where to begin

If you and your gaming group would like to dive into the world of Doaden yourselves, we've got all the tools ready and waiting for you the moment you subscribe on Tribes or Patreon.

Our Subscriber Welcome Pack includes Two Introductory Adventures, Burial Isle, and Rise of the Jailor, which thrust players straight into the action. Charged by their Azerai masters, your group will be sent on the trail of reported cultist activity within the Empire's borders, which leads to the blood of a long dead God and a ritual that could gouge a wound deep in the realm's heart.

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