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Rabid Fiends,
driven by an endless Hunger

The Abhorrent vampires are the results of Lord Nachzehrer’s twisted experiments, an army of ghoulish abominations, little more than monsters, rabid fiends driven by endless hunger and bloodthirst with little capacity for thought or reason. These monstrosities are concocted from a bestial strain of the vampiric disease, mixed with muddled physiological derivatives. Twisted now and degenerative, the lord’s servants are far flung from the more aristocratic bloodlines of the region.

For his twisted studies, Lord Nachzehrer has been exiled and shunned by the rest of his vampire kin, but in his isolation, his experiments continue, and the Lord grows stronger as he researches the still-beating heart of an ancient evil...



From the Sewers they Rise

Below Lord Nachzehrer’s great castle, there exists an extensive and elaborate network of labyrinthian tunnels and mechanisms that is by all accounts today, a technological marvel. Filled with mechanical pumps and levers, gates, and drain systems. The place is damp and dark, the stone walkways slick with water, and filled with hazards like flooded rooms and collapsing maintenance structures.


Worse yet, Lord Nachzehrer’s creeping terrors and bloodsucking monstrosities shamble about in the lightless tunnels and chambers. At the top of the sewers are the lower levels of the Lord’s laboratory, where he conducts experiments and creates his mutated monstrosities.

Stemming from his fastness, his abominable legions have spread across underground crypts and shadowed tunnels throughout Doaden, clawing to the surface at night to feast on the living, a truly gruesome sight. For, unlike other vampire kin, the Abhorrents have a taste for fresh flesh, frenziedly tearing off chunks of meat and limbs to swallow whole as they suck down the blood and marrow of their victims.

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The Sanguine Lord

Twisted Experiments

Vampiric Terrors