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Dark Fantasy 5E Adventures

Join the Penitent Crusade! As one of the condemned, you will embark on the gravest and most deadly adventures throughout the fallen world of Doaden.

Grim Encounters | Epic Boss Battles | Grisly Loot | Campaign System

Grim Encounters

Run a Path of Penitence Campaign or plug the convenient modules into your own homebrew setting.

Face the Jailer

Grab a copy of this Epic Boss Battle right here and test your skills against the mighty Jailer!

Dare you enter the dreaded Prison Realm?

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Where to Start

Join Now to pick up the two starting Adventures and Miniatures from our Welcome Pack and begin your own journey in the world of Doaden.


A Library of Evil Awaits

Check out our Adventure Catalogue!

Play these scenarios in any order thanks to a unique scaling system. Forge your own road to redemption!