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Our Mission

Bestiarum is a Large and Fast-Growing Dark Fantasy Community

We invite you to become a significant part of it!
  • Bestiarum Games delivers immersive, horror-themed D&D 5e Adventures and Tabletop Games. 

  • Our unique edge is Professionally crafted, 3D-printable Miniatures that bring each quest to life.

  • Explore Dark Realms and intricate storylines as Fantasy and Horror collide.

Grab your weapons!

Core Team

We are a multinational team of Passionate Artists and Hobbyists with a love for Horror and Grimdark Design.

We are here to promote and share our vision with the world! 

About Us_Alexei.webp
Alexei Popovici

Founder / CEO / Art Director

About Us_Daniil.webp
Daniil Tumanov

Lead Concept Artist

Marcus Harland

Project Manager /

Community Manager/ Painter / One-man Army

Ricardo Andreis

Lead Digital Sculptor

About Us_Alex.webp
Alex Dovermann

Game Director / Lore Keeper

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