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The Kingdom of Doaden Awaits

World of
decay and depravity

A World of Death, trapped in the fading dusk of a Fallen Empire

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World of
Cults and Dark Gods

Cults and Dark Gods vie with one another to consume the last vestiges of humanity

World of Penitence

The land where once-righteous folk and Heroes of the Glorious Purpose now struggle to Survive


Places and Creatures

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The Penitent Heroes

Shackled to the Church's will, sent to the most dangerous and unsavory of missions.

These are the Penitents,

each more unique and varied than the last.


From Stalwart Warriors to Bestial Rogues and Insane Wizards, there are a host of unique characters to choose from.

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Every month new creatures and heroes step out of the shadows to join us!


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Keep up with the latest reveals and exclusives from Bestiarum!

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