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An unmatchable collection of Dark Fantasy miniatures,

with which you always have something on your sleeve to

Impress your players!


Create your unique


Read more detailed below



More than 'just' STLs
but also:

  • Well-balanced collections for Gaming and Hobby:

    • Playable Heroes

    • Character Busts

    • Terrain Elements

  • Highly detailed figures for Large-sized prints

  • Unforgettable Creatures that you couldn't unsee anymore


When Horror
meets Art

  • Impress your players with Fantastic Creatures and Mighty Heroes

  • Build incredible Dioramas of Dark and Tarnished Worlds

  • Paint and Share with the community your creations

  • Unlock your potential in Kitbashing your own figures using our modular sets



By joining us, you immediately get access to:

  • Welcome Pack:

    • Miniatures

    • Starter Adventures

  • Starting your Loyalty Reward program

  • Path of Penitence: D&D 5e Campaign System

  • Monthly Releases and Adventures

Remaining subscribed, you Monthly get access to:

  • Miniatures:

    • x2 STL Miniature Collections

    • x3 Playable Penitent Heroes

  • RPG Adventures:

    • D&D one-shot Adventures

    • Skirmish Forbidden Psalm Adventure

With those tools at hand,
you can start crafting your own world or explore Doaden!




  • You must create a free account with MyMiniFactory to join our Tribe subscription

  • Pick and Join your preferred Tier $1/$10/$14

  • Get instant access to the monthly content through MMF Library

No worries about file storage!

  • Enjoy lifetime access to your purchased models' library on MyMiniFactory

  • Download them anytime even if unsubscribed​​


World of Doaden

Enter the World of Doaden, where Grim Dark Fantasy comes to life before your eyes.

  • Immerse yourself in this constantly evolving world of Catchy Creatures and Breathtaking Landscapes;

  • Walk the Path of Penitence and experience this world to the fullest;

  • Explore the lands, learn about its history, and become part of the story.

No matter if you are a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer,

there is something for everyone in the World of Doaden

Our DnD 5e Gaming System Path of Penitence is the ultimate gaming experience for dark fantasy fans.

  • This Evolving and Live system is continuously expanding with new classes, items, mechanics, and tools to provide you with endless possibilities for your gameplay;

  • Choose to use it as-is, or integrate it into your own campaigns with our player Quick-Start Guide.

It will help you create your own Penitent Hero, and our GM Tools like Travel and Camp allow you to customize your game experience as a breeze

Uncover the mysteries of our improbable world!

Path of Penitence



Our expert team has extensively Test-Printed every model to ensure it meets our High-Quality standards. 

The whole printing process is Fast and Easy:

  • Once you receive the files, all you need to do is plug in your 3D printer and hit Print;

  • Our supports are easy to remove, saving you time 

Start painting or playing with your new miniatures in no time!

  • 4 Penitent Heroes:
    • Archer with Hound Yerana

    • Mage Yorik

    • Knight Otto

    • Barbarian Odrig

  • 3 Display Pieces:
    • Collectible Statue 'Beast Slayer'

    • Bust Undead Knight

    • Full-figure Undead Knight

  • Rise of the Jailer:
    • D&D 5e One-shot for levels 3-5

    • 11 miniatures

    • Maps and Statblocks

  • Burial Isle:
    • D&D 5e One-shot for levels 1-3

    • 9 miniatures

    • Maps and Statblocks


Welcome Pack

Our Welcome Pack is not just another pile of old models, but a Carefully Crafted Bundle that can be used with the Path of Penitence Campaign System!

Welcome Pack
Penitent Heroes
Welcome Pack
Display Pieces
Welcome Pack
Rise of the Jailer
Welcome Pack
Burial Isle

Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty Reward program is our way of saying Thank You for staying with us and supporting our company's development

  • Starting just from Three months of Consecutive Subscription, you'll gain access to the constantly replenished Library of Rewards

  • The longer you remain subscribed, the more rewards you can unlock

  • Library of Rewards includes Exclusive not-for-sale figures that are equipped with Statblocks and Special Mechanics for use in your gaming adventures​

Join us now and start earning the rewards you deserve!

How it Works:
  • Loyalty Program works in Seasons.

     1 Season = 9 Months

  • To access all rewards, you have to stay subscribed for 3,6, and 9 consecutive months and on

  • Every 3 months we unlock a new not-for-sale model

  • Every freshly unlocked model from a new Season is automatically added to a Library of Rewards​


E.g. When we release 3-months reward from Season 2, everyone who stayed subscribed for 3 and more consecutive months gets this new reward at once.

Thus we replenish the Library of Rewards for each of 3/6/9 months accordingly.​

Library of Rewards
3 Months
6 Months
9 Months

Discord. Discount. Download.

  • Our Discord channel is the perfect place to connect with like-minded members of the dark fantasy world community to share tips and experiences and get the latest updates

  • We are offering a special discount of 50% on whole our catalogue of digital models on MyMiniFactory

  • You get lifetime access to your purchased models' library on MyMiniFactory

Become one of the true adventurers of our growing community

Feeling Ready?

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