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     Deep within the cracks and caverns of the yawning earth lie unexplored chambers filled with vile creatures.

In the shadows, Goblins scuttle like wretched vermin, their wicked grins revealing an insatiable hunger.

     Driven by primitive instinct, these creatures have carved out their domains within the heart of the earth, surfacing only to raid nearby human settlements.


     In their grim subterranean domain, the fierce and cunning Goblins will defend their territory with unyielding ferocity, ambushing intruders from the shadows and granting no mercy to the unwary.

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An Empire

of Fungi


     Much of Goblin Society is driven by their crude fungal economy, ever insatiable, they subsist upon a diet of mushrooms, mold, and fungi.

     Victims of the Goblin Raids are dragged underground, slain, and gathered into great compost piles, to fertilize the cruel troglodyte's subterranean fungal crops.


     Their mushroom farms flourish in the damp recesses, spreading tendrils through the earth, growing large with nutrients from the grotesque piles of flesh.


Denizens of the Grotto




Jagged Fungal Terrain



Our RPG Modules are designed for D&D 5E and Forbidden Psalm.

Each includes a Digital PDF alongside a set of High-Resolution Maps of key locations in each adventure.


      “Penitents, farmers in the western empire have been disappearing, leaving crops untended. Food production has reached a concerning low, undermining the empire’s stability.

     Our scouts report signs of struggle at each victim’s last known location. The remaining villagers claim to hear vile chittering in the nights preceding each disappearance.


     Your mission is to exterminate the evil behind these abductions and recover any surviving laborers, so they may be sent back to work.”