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A being of Tyrannical Subjugation

Among the interplanar entities that beset Doaden, few are as overtly insidious as the Jailor. A being intent on the total and brutal subjugation of all mortal kind. It sends foul whispers out from its great seat in the prison realm; promising to keep those desperate enough to listen the chance to unshackle themselves from this dying world.

In the Jailor's service, the Tormentor Cults commit all manner of dark deeds to thin the veil between Doaden and his Prison Realm, seeking to pass through and receive their master's blessing.  Many enter the portals of blood, so called Hekatombs, and never return; presumably they are taken forever into their Lord's terrifying embrace. Others though, are cast back into the material realm, their forms forever changed and their minds ever more fervent.

The Prison Realm

The Jailor exists in a realm beyond our own. An interstitial plane of existence beyond the physical. It is a place of tyrannical subjugation, a mad asylum of twisted souls determined to express their mastery over the mortal realm, and each other.

The Prison realm is a surreal space of anguish and torment. It stretches on infinitely both horizontally and vertically, an endless gravity-defying labyrinth of prisons and torture chambers. The halls of this place echo with the screaming cries of captives and sacrifices.


Their blood runs freely, channeling along the floor, draining from broken bodies to flowing like arteries somewhere deeper, feeding the dark master. These unfortunate souls exist in this state for all eternity, trapped in this realm of torment and suffering.

Demonic Sigil.png
Demonic Sigil.png

The Prison Lord

Ascendant Subjects

The Mortal Cult